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Brunson Heavy Duty Stand, Adjustable Height, Standard, Model 230

SKU: 30051

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Heavy duty stand with adjustable height from 1092 - 1702 mm (43 - 67 in). Trivet point feet. Weighs 83 kg (183 lb)
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The bases of these stands are cast iron for strength and stability. Three 2" casters with rubber tires are used for mobility, and may be retracted into the base by a foot pedal. In use, the stand rests on three adjusting screws called "trivets", with locking nuts. This permits leveling the stand on uneven surfaces. Air trapped inside the outer tube by the air-check mechanism prevents rapid descent of the instrument if both the ratchet pawl and clamping lever are released at the same time. This feature helps to protect against accidental damage to expensive instrumentation. Intermediate (or "inner") tubes are hard chrome-plated for wear and rust resistance. A rack and pinion gearing system allows raising and lowering the instrument. The pinion gear which raises and lowers the intermediate tube is controlled by four spoke-like handles which give you sufficient leverage to put your instrument in just the right position.

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SKU 30051

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