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Leica Cateye Reflector (CER)

SKU: 573510

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Quick Overview

Ball with Hardened Steel Surface ø 75mm (2.9528") ±0.05mm

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Leica Cateye Reflector (CER) — Ball with Hardened Steel Surface

  • Radius: ø 75mm ±0.05mm (2.9528 in ±0.00197 in)
  • Centring of Optics: ±0.01mm (±0.00039 in)
  • Shape Ball: ±0.01mm (±0.00039 in)
  • Acceptance Angle: ±60°
  • Weight: 730g (25.75 oz)

The spherical reflectors used with laser tracker systems go by many names: retroreflectors, SMR (spherically mounted retroreflector), Leica balls, tooling balls, tracker targets, or simply reflectors. Our reflectors and target holders are non-tracker type specific and can be used interchangeably with most Leica Laser Trackers, FARO Laser Trackers, or API Laser Trackers.

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SKU 573510
Leica Geosystems

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